Clean Water Changes Everything

Why Water?

For people in developing countries, clean water changes everything.

Water is the most basic of all human necessities.

It makes all other progress possible, yet almost 1 billion people worldwide currently lack access to safe, clean drinking water. Each day, women and children walk miles to collect water that is so filthy, it will eventually kill members of their family.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Family Humanitarian can provide lifetime access to clean water for only about $2 per person. When this most basic necessity is met, families are capable of progressing in other areas — it is likely the most dramatic impact you can ever have at such a low cost! When you provide clean water, you provide families with:

How do we fight the water crisis?

Family Humanitarian embraces principles of self-reliance and sustainability, ensuring that projects continue to produce clean water for a lifetime and beyond.  Each community undergoes extensive education regarding the health and economic benefits of clean water as well as the mechanics and self-funding of necessary maintenance and repairs. When a community makes an investment in and takes responsibility for their clean water, lasting success results.

People who sponsor an entire borehole are directly connected to the water projects they made possible through pictures and video.  They get to see with their own eyes the miracles and profound impact brought about through their generosity.

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Access to clean water changed the lives of Daphene, Fred and Ivan, and Mary. Here are their stories.


Eight-year-old Daphene and her little sister share the responsibility of helping their mother collect water for their family on a daily basis.  At a minimum, water is necessary for drinking, cooking, laundry, dishes, and basic hygiene for their family of nine. 

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Fred and Ivan

Fred and Ivan started a chapati-making business (chapati is a flat fry bread similar to naan) several years ago in an attempt to provide for the needs of their families. One thing that is essential to the success of their business is clean water.

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Mary has borne the responsibility of collecting water for her family for over 40 years.  The water that she walked miles to collect many times each day was so filthy that it often caused sickness and disease. 

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Ready to Change Everything?

When a community, school, or health clinic receives clean water, everything changes.  Health improves, girls don’t miss school.  Parents have time to earn an income.  It is truly one of the best investments and most profound impact you can make.  We hope you’ll make it with us.

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