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Almost a billion people worldwide lack access to safe, clean drinking water. We are on a mission to change that.


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Clean Water for Generations

The true success of our water program lies in realizing that providing clean water is only about 30% of the solution. The most critical step in providing water sources that will remain in operation for a lifetime centers around community education.

When a community is evaluated and identified as a possible recipient, the groundwork is established through education before drilling ever begins. The community is taught and demonstrates an understanding of the value of clean water and the health, education, and economic benefits it brings.

Villagers are also taught about sanitation through proper handwashing and how, combined with a clean water source, it can eliminate 95% of illness their family currently experiences. Community health trainers are identified and taught these principles so that they can continue to teach within the community and within the schools.

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Education is the most powerful tool that exists in lifting individuals, families, communities, and even entire countries out of poverty.

When the most basic need of clean water is met, villages can then concentrate on education which has been proven to be the single greatest predictor of progress, opportunity, and prosperity. Educating one child ultimately changes the lives of hundreds more. When we have donors willing to sponsor the construction of schools, we look for communities that have demonstrated a commitment toward education and have made the appropriate sacrifices to ensure their children receive this great gift. Communities that have proven their ability to successfully and sustainably provide instruction but lack an appropriate structure, become candidates for new school construction. These newly constructed schools can also then act as centers for adult literacy instruction, lifting the entire family and community. When we have donors willing to sponsor the construction of adult literacy and vocational training centers, we look for communities that are already successfully running women’s groups and are ready to take their knowledge and training to the next level.

Contact michaela.s@familyhumanitarian.org if you are interested in more information about sponsoring the construction of a school or adult literacy/vocational training center.

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Bring Clean Water to an entire community, school, or health clinic.

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When you sponsor a water project, you’ll restore health, give back time, increase school attendance, create opportunity, inspire hope and confidence, empower leaders, and re-shape futures for about 2,000 people. The cost of a water project starts at 3k and goes up to 5k depending on type and location. You will be connected to your project and the miracles your generosity creates through pictures and video.

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