The most basic of all human necessities

Almost 1 billion people worldwide currently lack access to safe, clean drinking water.

  • An estimated 4,000 people die every day as a direct result of contaminated water with children being the hardest hit.
  • Polluted drinking water claims more lives than all forms of violence combined including war, and claims the lives of more children than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined.
  • Each day, women and children walk miles to collect water that is so contaminated it will kill members of her own family.
  • The countless hours spent collecting water is time not spent in school, often causing girls to fall behind and eventually drop out.

Family Humanitarian provides lifetime access to clean water for entire communities in the most remote villages in the world through a combination of cost effective and efficient boreholes (wells), in-home water filters, and piped water systems.

Save Lives

How do we solve the water problem?

Creating access to clean water saves lives, facilitates education, provides hope, and enables prosperity to take hold – it is very likely the most dramatic impact you can ever have at such a low cost!

We can drill a life-saving borehole (well) for about 75% less cost than most other NGO’s, allowing us to provide this most basic necessity for literally pennies per person.  But that’s only part of the solution.

The success true success of our water program lies in realizing that drilling boreholes or providing water filters is only about 30% of the solution. The most critical step in providing water sources that will remain in operation for a lifetime lies in community education.

When a community is evaluated and identified as a possible recipient, the groundwork is established through education before drilling ever begins. The community is taught and demonstrates an understanding of the value of clean water and the health and economic benefits it brings. They are also taught about sanitation through proper hand-washing and how, combined with a clean water source, it can eliminate 95% of illness their family currently experiences.

A maintenance committee is elected and creates a plan for contributing necessary funds for repairs and maintenance and are thoroughly taught how to properly fix and maintain the well.  With the entire community making an investment in and taking responsibility for the well, it remains in operation for generations to come.

A Simple Solution


For only $3,000 to $5000, we can drill a borehole, similar to a well, that will serve an entire community – that is about $2 per person for lifetime access to clean water! ...Read More

Virtually Eliminate Illness

Water Filters and Piped Water Systems

Where boreholes (wells) are either not appropriate or possible, we consider other options like piped water systems and water filters. We have partnered with Sawyer International to provide water filters to households that can eliminate 95% of all illnesses caused by waterborne diseases. ...Read More

Community Led Solution

How is the well maintained?

Responsibility for the borehole (well) is established and provisions for maintenance are required to be in place before drilling begins. 

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