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Dental Training

We don’t believe in arriving, fixing teeth, and then leaving. When local dental workers/dentists are available, our focus is to work with them to improve the quality of the dental care they provide to their communities. Our focus is also to work with the business development team to assist the dental workers in creating a sustainable livelihood for themselves.


In communities where no dentist is reasonably accessible, we have developed a program to train local dental workers to provide basic dental care to their communities. Our program trains local dentists to extract teeth and also how to teach their communities about good dental hygiene in conjunction with the Health & Nutrition classes.

This program, as with our medical trainings, provides rural communities with a form of self-sustaining dental care while awaiting the hopeful day when a professional dentist will be established in the area.


Individuals with specialized dental skills are needed on each of our expeditions, as well as volunteers designated for crowd control, runners to relay messages and locate supplies, and individuals to photograph procedures.