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Business Development

Many of the problems in developing communities could be solved by building stronger economies and businesses. The focus of our business development program is to teach basic small business and economic principles and assist villagers in organizing themselves and their local resources.

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In the business workshop we discuss resources available, business ideas, and present challenges villagers face. Many of the programs involve the villagers’ submittal of business plans for critique and discussion.

We also work with local villagers to help facilitate putting their plans into action and are open to partnering with them in their endeavors. This includes teaching villagers new skills to create products which they can sell. Pictured here are women learning to make cornhusk dolls in Guatemala.


Programs which have either been considered or worked on in the past include exporting mandarin orange products from the Polochic Region in Guatemala, more efficient cardamom production and export from the Polochic, export of alpaca and quinoa grain products from the Altiplano region of Bolivia, and harnessing the hydro-electic power of Nepal.