Is there a code of conduct participants adhere to during expeditions?

FHe defers to CHOICE Humanitarian’s standards of personal conduct, adapted for FHe:

All participants are considered ambassadors for our country, humanitarians in general, and our organization. There is a high expectation for participants to respect the reputation of trust and consideration that has been established through years of interaction with villagers and in-country directors. All participants will be expected to maintain high standards of conduct as well as honor, morality, respect, graciousness, etc. while in the villages and in the countries where we serve. There is a strict “NO GIFTING” policy. Our gift to them is the project; their gift to us is their hospitality. Participants will be expected to abstain from tobacco, narcotics, non-prescription drugs, and alcohol intoxication. We reserve the right to terminate a participant’s involvement, without reimbursement, at any point of the expedition if there is failure to comply with these conditions.

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