I would like to collect supplies to bring. How shall I proceed?

We support CHOICE Humanitarian’s practice of a no-gifting policy:

Supplies must be requested by the villagers
We cannot bring supplies that the villagers have not requested through the in-country staff or other village authority. This includes clothing, amongst other items. Any requested supplies must be routed through the in-country staff or other village authority. Items that have not been requested MUST NOT BE TAKEN.

We are trying to promote self-sustainability for the villagers, not introduce them to the vast world of things they don’t have and don’t need.

What can we take?
FHe will hold a number of fundraising events to raise money for supplies on behalf of the entire FHe group. Once we have determined with the in-country staff what the most appropriate supplies will be for our expedition, we will post a list on this site.

All supplies will be distributed by the in-country staff. Please remember that collecting supplies is not required, but your efforts will be warmly received by the villagers.

Visit the Donations & Fundraising page for more information.

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