I want to do everything I can to prepare mentally and physically for the expedition. What do you suggest?


Remember that expeditions are not tourist vacations; they can be dirty and uncomfortable. Be prepared to face disquieting circumstances while traveling, working, and living in impoverished, primitive areas. Expect the unexpected, be flexible and patient, and keep a sense of humor.

We encourage you to read about the areas to which we will be traveling. Familiarize yourself with the history, customs, traditions, and language of the people. Recognize that contrasts between what you may be accustomed to and what you will experience may be substantial. Take time to learn about people-centered development.

Travel outside of your usual environment means contact with microorganisms that are unfamiliar to your immune system.

A strong, healthy, and fit body responds to this type of stress successfully. In addition to aerobic fitness, a healthy diet will help you prepare for a safe and enjoyable trip. Just prior to an expedition is not the time to go on a weight-reduction diet. On departure you want to have a well-nourished and well-hydrated body.

Although a physical exam is not usually required before an expedition, it is a good idea. You are required to complete a health statement on your application and provide your doctor as a reference to verify your health. The expedition leader needs to know of any allergies or previous illnesses that might affect your participation. Completion of needed dental work before departure is also advised.

Visit the How to Prepare page for more information.

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