Make a General Donation to FHe



Thank you for your support!

Indicate the purpose for the donation or the expeditioner for whom the donation is intended in the ‘Add special instructions to recipient’ field when making a payment.

For donations for a specific volunteer, see additional information in the section below.


If you are interested in corporate sponsorship, matching or donations, please contact us.

Donations for Specific FHe Volunteers

If an individual or a corporation is donating toward your expedition fee, there are a couple of critical details to keep in mind:

  • Visit the Timeline page to ensure that the donation is made when the expedition fee is due. If  necessary, you may continue to have donations toward your expedition fee come in after the expedition fee deadline. After all donations have come in for your expedition fee, CHOICE Humanitarian will reimburse you the money you have paid personally up to the amount of donations received.
  • Please notify all potential private donors that donations must be made to CHOICE 30 days prior to the expedition.
  • If you are working with a corporate matching program, CHOICE must receive all donations for your expedition fee or for the expeditioner you are sponsoring 15 days prior to the expedition. Be sure to apply for corporate matching grant programs early enough to honor this deadline.
  • Please contact Michaela Shirley to ensure that donations coming in do not exceed the total amount of the expedition fee.

Make a Donation of Materials or Equipment to an Expedition

Nearly half of each FHe participant’s per person expedition fee to Guatemala directly benefits the local villagers through funding the building, repair, and post-FHe sustainable development projects. While we strive not to create a dependence on outside resources, certain focused donations are often needed for each expedition, to be determined by each community we are serving. Please contact us if you have items you would like to donate, particularly for medical and educational supplies.

Below you will find a list of items which we are currently in need of for upcoming expeditions:

  • FHe Donation Needs Flyer
    PDF file
    This document has a detailed list of village-determined medical, dental, school, and miscellaneous needs on different worksheets. Where no specific amount is indicated, FHe will accept any quantity.
  • FHe Materials & Equipment Donation Form
    (coming soon)
    PDF file
    Whether you are an expeditioner collecting items to donate or an individual who would like to make a focused donation, please fill out the form and send via email to Family Humaniarian experience.
    In the comments section, please include the contact information of a third party if they are making the donation and indicate that you are only the facilitator.


In the future, local FHe chapters will be developed with fundraising committees to help organize events (silent auctions, events, 5k runs, etc.) and provide ideas for participants to raise money (corporate matching, sponsorships, etc.), as well as to help determine the tax-deductible nature of the donations.

We highly encourage you to do your own private fundraising. A Personal Fundraising Toolkit is available which contains many helpful tools to get started in your fundraising efforts.