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unique  features  of  fhe

  • All projects and trainings are village driven.
    We seek to help villagers meet their own needs through working hand-in-hand with them and their leaders. Several village meetings and activities normally precede an expedition. Building projects are led by local contractors using local materials.


  • We teach them how to fish.
    Instead of creating a crippling dependence on outside resources by dropping off loads of supplies and donations, we promote self reliance and independence through a variety of trainings. We train women and men how to develop small businesses, rural health workers on how to treat basic medical illnesses where there is no doctor, village dental workers how to extract infected teeth, midwives how to resuscitate newborns and teachers to be more effective teachers. We  tailor a variety of other workshops to help villagers meet their specific needs.


  • Service, cultural, social and spiritual experience integrated into one.
    Through our service with SHe (Singular Humanitarian experience) and numerous other humanitarian expeditions and organizations, years have gone into making expeditions and service with FHe the most rewarding and fulfilling experience possible. It’s a win-win experience for all involved: In arid Huancuyo, Bolivia, both villagers and expeditioners rejoiced as water poured through a faucet in their village for the first time ever. They then enjoyed a rich cultural celebration filled with dancing and bright local dress after a week of working with locals to finish their long-awaited water system. Satisfaction beamed on the faces of Sebastian and the dentists that trained him, when for the first time ever, there was a local villager in the region of Sajonte, Guatemala that could relieve the pain of fellow villagers’ infected, rotting teeth by now being able to extract them.At the same time, many expeditioners have bonded and formed life-long relationships with one another by sharing one of the choicest experiences of their lives. On the expeditions, there is a strong spirit of camaraderie among expeditioners and reverence for the people they are serving. This is readily heard and felt as expeditioners share their experiences each night, and is especially strong in the culminating church service and testimony meeting at the end of each expedition (optional church services are held at the beginning and end of each expedition).


  • Flexible programs tailored to individual communities and countries.
    One size does not fit all. Different communities have different resources and needs. We harness our resources and couple our volunteers to the tasks at hand, drawing from our library of programs, partnering with other organizations and creating a new program if necessary. We are always open to suggestions and empowering individuals in a project they want to run with if it indeed fits our mission. Our volunteers have been invaluable to developing most of our programs.


  • We want to put ALL willing individuals to work!
    Just contact us to ask us how you can help. Though we have many specialized programs, you do not have to be a specialist or have previous humanitarian service to get involved. All expeditions have a building project that anyone can help with, and there are ample opportunities for non-specialists to help in many of the workshops and clinics, etc. on the expeditions. On the first SHe expedition, an attorney laid bricks on a schoolhouse most of the time. However, afterwards she was able to use her skills to provide the invaluable service of helping SHe obtain it’s 501(c)3 non-profit status. Even if you cannot make it on an expedition, there are ample opportunities to help FHe on the domestic front through fundraising, curriculum development, local chapter involvement, local service activities, global leadership, focused donations, etc.